Golfing in Scotland

Golfing in Scotland is top of most golfer’s must-do lists and it is perhaps one of the most bucolic places to play golf on earth. There is no way of escaping the really strong link between golf and Scotland. After all golf was developed originally in medieval Scotland, and would eventually become a sport played and watched across the globe. You will find a great deal of golfing history and tradition in Scotland, as well as some of the oldest Golf Clubs in the world.

golfing in scotlandWith nearby Ireland referred to as the Emerald Isle, these two countries are in a part of the world where grass grows with what seems to be an extra special touch of magic. There is some science involved in this seeming anomaly, however. These countries benefit from what is known as the North Atlantic Drift. This drives Gulf Stream waters north providing a particularly balmy climate for countries that share latitude range with the likes of Newfoundland and the very wintry climate of Canada. These countries, thanks to the benefits of experiencing the drift, have relatively mild weather year-round allowing for significant rainfall, which of course nurtures their grass.

Scotland’s west coast, in particular, enjoys the brunt of this beneficial force of nature. Even NASA has photos showing how remarkable the greens are, even from space, in this storied part of the world. If you want to golf, and you want to enjoy this sport on some of the best grass in the world, Scotland is indeed a very good place to go. Fully recognising the value of this asset, there is no shortage of courses in this country either.

Golfing on Scotland’s West Coast

golfing in scotlandScotland’s west coast has long been referred to as the “Birthplace of the Open.” It was October 1860 when the first Open was played on Scotland’s links-blessed west coast.

The first historical mention of the sport was entirely not positive, and was denounced in a proclamation by King James II when he banned golf, football (soccer) and other sports. The concern was, that these other pursuits took the attention of the populace off of the sport of archery. Eventually he would relent, and he actually played some golf himself!

That being said, there is little information as to exactly when the first game of golf was actually played. Ever since this time, golf has been enjoyed by millions, and for those golfers that truly love the game, Scotland is a destination as they have some of the best courses in the world.