Organising Your Own Golfing Trip to Scotland

Depending on where you are traveling to Scotland from, you may find it best to arrange your own golf break┬áthere – particularly if you are going to do a tour of the country’s finest golf courses. It is potentially more cost-effective if there are a few of you going there together.

How to Organise a Golfing Trip to Scotland

golfing trip to scotlandMost of the better known golf clubs in Scotland will have their own website so you can find out the relevant details but things to look out for include, cost of a round of golf, any match fees, and if you have to pay extra as a non-member. If you are hiring clubs, balls and golf carts it is worth checking out how much these are and if you need to book in advance.

If you are flying, excess baggage is easy to arrange with the airline and they often allocate excess baggage specifically for golf clubs or outsize sports equipment. For people going to Scotland from England, Ireland, and Wales flights may not be needed and you can bring more of your own golfing gear.

Plan Your Driving Routes to Scotland’s Golf Courses

As some of the best known Golf Clubs in Scotland are a fair distance from each other and the scenic roads can be quite windy it is a great idea to plan your route in advance. If you have a little bit of time on your hands and you haven’t been to this part of the country before it is definitely worth taking the time to go via the scenic routes. They may be more windy and a take a little longer and you may come across a few cows in the road at points but it is worth it in the end!

Book yourself in at each of the courses so that you know which direction to plan your route in and so that you won’t be disappointed when you get there.