St Andrew’s Golf Course

No visit to Scotland for a golfing break would be complete without going to St Andrews.  It is one of the most prestigious and most well known golf clubs in Scotland and has a rich and fascinating historical legacy. It is a course that isn’t without its challenges. The course itself is kept in immaculate condition and for many golfers merely walking on it is a dream come true.

The History of St Andrews Golf Course

st andrews golf course scotlandOne of the most venerated courses the world over is St. Andrew’s Links – every great champion who ever mastered the game of golf has likely played at St. Andrews. The history of this storied course is a living timeline, riddled with the names of some of the greatest players of all time.

Standing at the crest of the Castle Course seems topographically reminiscent of the origins of the earth, and it takes its name from the Kinkell Castle which used to occupy this space in the middle ages. The dips, valleys and rolling greens carry their own challenge on this course.

st andrews golf courseThe Old Course, which is the go-to course for most anyone golfing here, is considered the home of golf. This is where the game was first played in Scotland some 600 years ago. Congruent with its history of hosting some of golf’s great, the golf legend Tom Morris created the New Course in the late 1800s. Tranquility seems to be the mark of this lush landscape that Mr. Morris put his name to.

From the time of King James, and his attempt to relegate golf to a dustbin of the prohibited, this sport went on to celebrate converting these once-naysayers to ardent fans, and such is the case with the Jubilee Course, which came into existence also in the late 1800s, and was named in honour of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. This course is considered to be one of the most challenging courses of these famous links. Originally designed for use by women and beginners, it was converted to championship layout in 1988.

Famous course architects have also had their names put to links at St. Andrew’s, as is the case with the Eden Course, which was designed by Harry Colt. Mr. Colt used the landscape, in particular made use of natural boundaries and bunkers to create a very memorable, and challenging, course. St. Andrew’s is an international destination, for all of these reasons, and for all of those that love the game.